Introducing PIE

We're thrilled to formally announce the introduction of PIE to our menu! We're always looking for ways to provide a wider range of options for our customers because hey, 40 cupcake flavors isn't nearly enough, and cookies, well, dozens upon dozens just won't do. SO, pie seemed the next logical choice for Simply Sweets! 

All of our pies are made with local ingredients- we're regularly whipping up full-size and hand-size pecan, Apple, Pumpkin, Marionberry and Cherry pies. 

Our pies are great addition to dessert tables everywhere! And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the quickly approaching holiday season. If making scratch-made pies isn't on your to-do list (shhhhh, even if it is, we'll never tell a soul that you ordered one from us instead), we have your celebration covered!  Be sure to get your pre-order in by Saturday, November 18th to ensure your sweet tooth is satisfied. 


And a HUGE thank you to the talented William James Photography for capturing these delectable creations so beautifully!  We can't wait for you to dig in! Give us a call or email us today- we'll have your order ready in a jiffy.