It all began, as many stories do, in grandma's kitchen. . . 

I was first inspired to bake, as a toddler, by my grandmother. I was always getting under her feet in the kitchen . . . I loved to lick the beater from the Kitchen Aid. It always had some sweet magical mixture on it. 

My passion for sweets has continued into my adult years. I tried cake decorating for the first time a day before my wedding. What could possibly go wrong? I quickly realized I should not have started there, but with will and determination I pulled it off! I vowed never to let anyone else be in that position. When my best friend from high school told me she was making her own wedding cake I hopped in my car and off to Canada I went to make her cake. I brought back pictures and from that point on I was known as "Cake Jen". I have been creating one-of-a-kind cakes for my friends and family ever since and loving it! 

Since then we have grown into a flourishing business, with a great team of designers who can't wait to create your next cake!